Mick Élysée is a passionate Congolese-French chef. His love for the culinary art started when he was just a little boy. He was always sneaking in the kitchen to steel food in his mother pan while she was busy setting the table for dinner. Family and friends enjoyed her meals so much you could see the joy on their face. It was so delicious that he decided to learn how to create such tasteful dishes. At 14, he arrived in France, an opportunity for him to educate himself to his passion: La cuisine. After graduating from one of the most prestigious cuisine schools, he began his classical training as a commis under some very French famous chefs (e.g. Michel Toulousi). At 22, Mick opened his first restaurant “La Gascogne” in Toulouse. Four years, later he was traveling the world, working in several countries (Japan, Italy, Congo, Canada, etc.) to improve his skills and knowledge but mostly develop his creative and curiosity experimenting new tastes and ways of cooking. It’s been now 10 years that he is based in London. He first worked in famous restaurants: 5 stars Hamarket Hotel, Charlotte street Hotel and private member clubs. But something was missing. His roots were calling. Therefore, today, he is honoring his culture in bringing a new image to the African food through his very own creative concept “afro-fusion”: A mix of African tastes with the rest of the world. This cuisine is colourful, tasty with a strong cachet. To discover afro-fusion; pop up restaurants are hosted by Mick every month around London (www.mickelysee.com/events). He has his own culinary chronicle every Tuesday morning live on the television program Barao Afrika (www.voxafrica.com). On this show Chef Mick cooks afro-fusion dishes, gives basic nutritional advises and visits local African restaurants to try traditional cuisines.

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